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This simple plugin, Powell’s Books Partner Program, returns a “View/Buy this book at Powell’s” anchor link tag, taking the book’s ISBN as its single required attribute.

<wm_powells_link isbn="0-12-34567" />

The plugin also takes two optional attributes: partnerid="xxx" will override the Partner ID stored in the plugin (see below); the text used for the link can be overridden with a text="xxx" attribute.

<wm_powells_link isbn="0-12-34567" partnerid="123" text="BUY NOW!" />

Please Note! Before using this tag, you should edit the plugin code to give it a default Partner ID. If you don’t do this, you must use the optional partnerid attribute or you will not get credit for any purchases made through generated links.

Download g1.19 version
Download 1.0rc version

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22 Mar 2005
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22 Mar 2005

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