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I have written a small plugin to view my pictures in textpattern.

If you find a bug or want a feature to be added, just ask.

Demo site

Explanation for those of you who do not know what flickr is:
Flickr is a photo service which offers ways to upload, organize and manipulate images in many ways.
For example you can directly export your iPhoto albums to
Afterwards, you can see your pictures on, various blogging systems and now on textpattern.

This method has many advantages over other textpattern galleries.

  • You don’t have to patch your textpattern installation.
  • Batch uploading has never been so simple. offers many tools for Mac and Windows.
  • takes care of resizing.
  • If you decide to move from textpattern to let’s say wordpress, your images are still there.

So for me this was the easiest way to set up a photo gallery without having to patch my textpattern installation. This is especially an advantage if you are using subversion.


  • Create a new section which will later hold your Gallery.
  • Create a new article with only the following text in it:
    <txp:vdh_flickr email="” />@
    Of course you have to replace the email value by your own data from
    Also notice that there should be two spaces before the txp-tag to prevent textpattern from wrapping the gallery in p-tags.

Note: Since version 0.4 it is possible to specify email in the vdh_flickr source code. This makes sense if you are using several galleries or vdh_flickr-tags on your site.
  • Save the article in the section you created in the first step.
  • Point your browser to (or
    You should see a preview pic for all your sets. If you click on one of the pics, you should see a thumbnail overview of the selected set. If you click on one of the thumbnails, you should see the pic in 640×480.

As of version 0.6 vdh_flickr runs on BOTH php5 (with simplexml enabled) AND php4.3 (with dom xml enabled).

I tested this with php 5.0.3 and php 4.3.11.

In order to use this with php4, you must specify use_php4=1 like this (you can also change this in the source code)

There is also tag support. The pics in “CeBIT ’05” and “Winter 2005 Hohenlimburg” (on the Demo Site linked above) have tags shown at the bottom of the pics, which are clickable to get all pictures with this tag.

Furthermore, you can directly select pictures by tag with vdh_flickr_thumbnails.

Version 0.7.1 handles complete downtimes (no xml at all) and xml error messages. So no ugly php error any more (when is down).

See further instructions at the Information URL below.

Article Request Count:
Initially released:
Posted here:
15 Mar 2005
Article modified:
09 Jun 2008

If there is a comment form at the Information URL, you may want to leave your comments/questions there or at the Forum thread for quicker feedback. Otherwise, comment away:

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Commented (15)

A very nice alternative to gallery, as you point out, so I might just test this Flickr thing and switch to this solution. THX !
I’m getting a 404 with that download link, btw.
me too.. the download link is broke..
I stole it from here:
i have installed/uploaded the latest version of this plugin (vdh_flickr_0.8.7.txt)...

as well, created the section + article specifically as directed in the documentation from

however, when i launch the site, i see no images and an error up top:

tag_error -> Textpattern Warning: unknown_tag

i’ll keep looking for my answer, but wondering if there are suggestions to be made…

thank you…
Just cannot install the plug in :( based on latest version from dev website … Any idea ??? TXP try to load the plug in but no way to get it.
Wonderful tool, having lots of fun with it, thank you. Have looked on the flickr site for any hint of a solution my question but have not really found a conclusive answer.

I would like to be able to partition off my sets in some way. In effect I want 2 galleries, some sets to show on one page and some on another. I had hoped that the tag system would help (show only photos with tag x). I can do this with the plugin but I require the returned thumbnails to be organised into sets.

It doesn’t look like I can do this with the plug in as is. I could have a static list of set ID and use the exclude attributes but I’d rather have something dynamic that depends on data controlled at the flickr end of things so my users don’t have to worry about editing txtpattern pages.

So what I want is a way to be able to return a list of sets for a given tag (doesn’t have to be tag really, any data that is held on flickr will do).

Any info/ideas would be loved, cherrised and appreciated
get another flickr account and set them both up with vdh_flickr on different pages
Use this Plugin for your gallery!


This Plugin was the answer to my prayers. Simple to set up. Once installed there is no need to touch Textpattern code to expand your gallery. Upload the photos (from anywhere!) to Flickr and they appear on your site automatically, courtesy of vdh_flickr.

If using sets, there is just a minimal annual cost of 14 GBP to create multiple photo sets (you get up to 3 free) in Flickr (one set corresponds to the top level thumbnail in your gallery) but this provides virtually unlimited space and bandwidth on Flickr.

Brilliant Plugin.

has anyone else noticed that this plugin no longer works? I had this plugin installed, and everything went perfectly until now. I think Flickr nog longer supports this or something. The photos I posted earlier are still loaded by vdh_flickr, but the photos I post now don’t show…

Yup, it doesn’t seem to work anymore here either :).

The plugin works fine and is better than ever, this page is way out of date. The latest verion is 0.8.10 and includes Lightbox support.

The plugins doesn¡t works for me. It returns an error message: “Failed to connect to!”

Anybody have ideas to fix it?

Works wonderful!!! I use just 4 thumbnails which leads straight to Flickr.
Code is very easy:
<txp:vdh_flickr_thumbnails_list nsid=“25087127@N07” latest=“20” random=“4” open=“flickr” />

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There are also tag clouds, 'cause those are fun.
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