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Extensive calendar / schedule / event manager that caters for one-off, recurring, spanning, date omission, cancellation, and expiry of current/past/future events. All written within the native TXP article paradigm: one article = one event, no extra tables, no extra widgets, no extra fuss.


  • Full-size or mini calendar by month with optional ISO week display
  • Next/prev month or optional dropdown of week / month / year navigation
  • Filter events by category / section / author / status / time or expiry
  • Future, expired and sticky events may be displayed if you wish
  • Specify holidays, on a per calendar basis, upon which certain events cannot be scheduled
  • Each event/cell can be passed to a form/container so you can build it your way
  • Class soup, if you choose: table-, row-, cell-, and event-level classes, plus custom classes
  • Conditional for flags (recurring, spanned, cancelled, holidays, etc) and dates so you can build your own logic in your form/container
  • Tag like article_custom for recurring events
  • Tags to set cell/event classes and output various characteristics (e.g. the month, year, calendar id, section and so on)
  • Tag to display the current date/time (formatted how you like) which is useful for making date-based decisions via conditional tags and plugins

Based on mdp_calendar and graciously sponsored by mrdale, woof, jakob, renobird and joebaich. Many thanks to all involved.

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21 Dec 08
Posted here:
06 Jan 2009
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30 May 2011

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Commented (3)

I just installed this and am at the moment learning the secrets of it. It seems to be an excellent plugin, so a big thanks to Stef Dawson! A couple imprevements: Could the table have option to have cellspacing=“value” and cellpadding=“value”? Also the default date numbers in table are wrapped with h4 heading, which would be nice to get rid of.


Thanks, glad you like the plugin. I have deliberately avoided cellspacing and cellpadding because they are presentational aspects that should be controlled from your stylesheet. If you assign a class to your table (there’s a plugin option for this) then it makes it easier to target particular calendars to receive such style information.

Secondly, the h4 heading defaults are just that: defaults. If you want to alter them please investigate the cellform attribute. I think there are examples of its usage on the forum.

OK, thanks for answering. In my understanding the cellspacing and cellpadding are hard to modify with CSS. When reading your answer I found some hints on how they might be done with stylesheet. Some source mentions that border-spacing and border-collapse could do the trick. I’m going to test them right away… :-)

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