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Hungarian transalation for TXP!

Therefor I started a new forum thread, and transalated the textpattern language enviroment file to hungarian.

I’m not so happy, ‘cause not a lot of user checked this forum thread, but I hope, that the textpattern will be frequently used site engine. I try to do everything about this and I try to be a pioneer in my country to get more and more users for textpattern.

I think textpattern is a very clear and smart engine, and very usable for personal sites or small companies. Therefor I want to transalate the textpattern’s manual too.

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08 Mar 2006
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15 Nov 2006

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Commented (7)


Össze tudnád hasonlítani mondjuk a WordPress blogmotorjával? Melyik jobb és miben és miért?



Can you compare with WordPress blogengine? Which one is better for what and why?
Netbandita, alex from the forum put together a nice little comparison in this article at TXPmag
nekem jobban bejott a txp.
a wp olyan kommersz, mindenki azt hasznalja.
eleg jol lehet skint ala rakni.
az egyedi formazasa meg nagyon jo.
toltsd le es probald ki otthon.
Thx, Jakob! It seems to be good. :)

Tudna nekem segiteni vki… valahogy nemtudom mulkodesrebirni a TXP-t :( oldalra szertnem feltenni de valahogy o nemakarja :)

megis hogy segitsunk?
talan irj a txp forumaba a magyar honositasos topicba.
vagy mittomen. :D

vagy mondjuk írj nekünk a címre :)

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