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Visitor statistics

Someone asked about stats today (7 November 2006).. so here’s today’s and a few general…

Original site versus TRv2

Here’s a rundown of some difference between the original Textpattern Resources site, and the new Textpattern Resources version 2.

About TRv1

There were over 30 plugins and mods employed on the original Textpattern Resources site..

Plugins employed

There are over 40 plugins being actively used on this site.

Site Statistics

  • Textpattern elements being used: 21 sections, 6 templates, 1 stylesheet, several dozen forms.
  • Number of articles: To date, there are 1085 articles on this site (plus 23 articles in the About and Help sections.
  • Number of people registered to this site: 100+. We’ll get a more accurate count out here once we’ve thinned out inactive users from the old site.

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