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edited 12 Jun 2008


…This is a small evolution of the great rss_suparchive plugin by Rob Sable allowing you to view … in archive list form using the rss_suparchive options, however this plugin only shows items … meantime, this functionality has been added to rss_suparchive

edited 24 Aug 2006


…The rss_suparchive_menu will build listings of months or years along … totals within each to work along with the new rss_suparchive feature that supports filtering based on URL …

edited 18 Jun 2009

Random articles

…to call random articles with Rob Sable’s rss_suparchive. …

edited 2 Aug 2005


…be done using the latest version (0.14) of the rss_suparchive and you can see this in use on the posted dates …

edited 24 Aug 2006


…Added support for filtering by URL. Added rss_suparchive_menu tag. Version 0.11 Added showexcerpt to …

edited 6 Nov 2006

About TRv1

…QuikPik Admin Menu Hack 2.0 rei_show_custom rss_suparchive_bycat rsx_frontend rsx_request_count …

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