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…Similar to the glx_if_frontpage tag from the no-longer-supported glx_if … plugin. Most of glx_if’s functionality is now available through … without an absurd stack of conditional tags). To glx_if_frontpage it adds txp:else /> compatibility, …

edited 5 Mar 2017


…plugin comes with 11 different conditional tags. glx_if_frontpage If we are on the websites frontpage … glx_if_not_frontpage If we are not on the websites … this one. But it is there for you to play with. glx_if_section_frontpage If we are on a sections … frontpage glx_if_not_section_frontpage If we are not on the … sections frontpage but in a section glx_if_search If the user are doing a search …

edited 16 May 2008

What are plugins?

…new Textpattern tags you can use, such as <txp:glx_if> or <txp:anc_hide> it could give you new …

edited 6 Nov 2006

About TRv1

…gbl_blog_stats glx_code glx_hl_current glx_if glx_image glx_image Admin Hack …

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Hiding and customizing the comments form and system

…dosage of conditionals.. for those, download the glx_if plugin for conditional control over ouput and …

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