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If you'd like to provide updated information and do not have access to directly edit, please contact the site admin; thanks!


Update v0.6 21st August 2008

Added a few enhancements:

  • edit tab name
  • configure integration of hak_tinymce
  • option to automatically direct clients to this tab when they sign in rather than the default (new article)

Update v0.5 1st August 2008

  • Updated for txp 4.0.6
  • Name changed to comply with txp plugin conventions

Update v0.4 14th September 2007

  • Now adds MySQL table automatically.
  • Option to toggle integration with hak_tinymce on and off.
  • Help documents have their own style sheet.
  • Improved documentation.


Adds a ‘Help’ tab to the ‘Content’ area of admin. Intended to be used to provide documentation and help for end users/site editors.

It is easily edited (by those with ‘publisher’ privileges) from the administration section.

Integrates with hak_tinymce plugin, so you can edit your documentation using this WYSIWYG interface.

Installation, Upgrading and Configuration

Please either view the plugin help page or the information on Google Code .


As of August 2008 this plugin is being actively developed again. Currently my main aim is to add the option for multiple pages.

Future versions will come with ready made basic documentation for end users on how to use Textpattern and the hak_tinymce WYSIWYG interface.

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1st May 2007
Posted here:
01 May 2007

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