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Generates a listing of articles by section, category and/or author. The default output is an HTML definition list but the use of forms and paging is also supported.

Updated Docs

Version 0.9

  • Compatible with 1.0 RC3 and later ONLY
  • Added offset attribute.

Version 0.10

  • Added timeframe attribute that accepts PAST, FUTURE or ALL. PAST is the default.
  • Added support for filtering by URL.
  • Added rss_suparchive_menu tag.

Version 0.11

  • Added showexcerpt to suparchive.
  • Added filtering by global category (if set) to suparchive_bycat.
  • Added linktosection to suparchive_bycat.
  • Added sortby to suparchive to allow for sorting by date or randomly.

Version 0.12

  • Added showcatsonly to suparchive_bycat.
  • Updated permlink calls to use new RC3 functions.

Version 0.14

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2 November 04
Posted here:
05 Mar 2005

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