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This plugins helps you control how to display a image element inspired by dunstans image tag he explains here


id – Id of image to display

link – Url (with http://)
large in that case the plugin choose the thumbnail for the given id and place a link to the large version of that image.
pop If you have Deans dca_pop installed the large image is opend in a popup.

linktitle – Title of the link

caption – Caption to display under the image, enter standard to use the one that is stored in the database

alt – alt text for the image, if no alt is given it uses the one that is stored in the database, the one you entered when the image was uploaded.

class – Class to control how to display the image element left, right, center or standalone

CSS example is included with the plugins documentation.

I rewrote the old plugin from scratch for version 0.4, so hopefully old errors will not happen again.

New in 0.4:

  • src: Source for external image, when this is used dont use id.
  • debug: Set this to 1 to display the sql query that is used to get an internal image.

I also would like to point out this article , that when using this plugin will help you to simple create new tags from the image section in textpattern.

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18 Feb 2005

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