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edited 16 Jan 2016


aks_rss is an RSS parser plugin that fetches RSS feeds … feeds and aggregate the content in one output. aks_rss uses SimplePie 1.1.3 with IDN support. This … plugin based on bit_rss 0.4.1 by Bit Santos. aks_rss plugin compatibility with SimplePie Plugin for …

edited 16 Jan 2016


…redirect) Examples error_default page: <txp:aks_301 start="/categories/" … to http://mydomain.com/somepage.html <txp:aks_301 start="/categories/|/section1/" … – 301 redirect to domain root . Now plugin aks_301 included in aks_header (2 in 1) Please use … aks_header …

edited 16 Jan 2016


aks_var operate with Txp variables, Custom Fields, …

edited 16 Jan 2016


…(copy) and Ctrl + V (paste) in TxP Edit area. Add aks_table tags – that’s all. Note: plugin support only …

edited 16 Jan 2016


…Caching all inside <txp:aks_cache id="unique block id"> Any … content with TxP tags </txp:aks_cache> Good practice: Cache some menu elements; …

edited 16 Jan 2016


…– displayed), useful for second call to aks_article zebra_next count for second zebra call …

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