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Photoblog Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to create a photoblog with Textpattern. No plugins required!

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March 2006
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03 Oct 2006
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06 Jun 2008

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Commented (4)

I was not able to get this to work at all, not sure why. I end up with a mostly blank page, even the text I wrote in the article body didn’t appear.
Part of the problem may be that the plugin you refer to in the instructions is no longer at the url that it’s linked to.

Any ideas?


# What version of Textpattern are you using –- 4.0.4 is out?
# Did you adjust your preferences?
## Set Comments mode to popup
## Automatically append comments to article: no
# Check the case on your section and form names used in the template, as they’re case sensitive.
# Is the article saved in the correct section, with an article image id(#) in the article image field?
# Did you try the text file download?
# Are the forms labeled correctly (and is their type set to article?)?
# If none of the above works, please go to Admin>Preferences and set your site into “debugging”. Email me the entire source code of the homepage, single article, and archive page. If it’s a live site, please provide the URL.

I’m not sure where Bastian moved his plugin, but it hasn’t been updated to 4.0.4. Nevertheless, it does not affect how the template works. The plugin simplifies posting the image, but until it’s updated, you have to enter the ID # for the article image field manually.

I just tried the tutorial step by step on a clean 4.0.4 install, and it worked as expected.

Don’t use the link in the article, click the «Information URL» on the left instead.

I used Information URL.
This tutorial is clean and easy to understand.

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There are also tag clouds, 'cause those are fun.
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