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Textpattern 101

I created this essay as a means to get folks started with TXP after reading a lot of the questions on the support forums. It is not intended to be a particularly technical explanation about how to do very specific things. For that the forums are the best spot. This is intended to answer the sorts of questions that usually start out “It looks nice, what am I supposed to do now?�?

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25 Nov 2004
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05 Feb 2008

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Yes, I haven’t gotten the Textpattern portion of the site back online. I have thought I might simply donate the article to Textbook as that’s a more stable repository for such things as my own personal site (which I have had such a hard time finding time to work on what with regular life.)
Hi Mark,

Above you said that you were thinking to donate your tutorials to Textbook. Please do so, because I found your tutorials very helpful in learning TxP.

And I think it can help others as well as it helped me.

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