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TextMate Bundle for Textpattern

Textpatterns flexibility and its extensibility features are fine, but one big problem with this has always bee
some lack of integration possibilities with all the rest of your development tools.
TextMate seems to be the perfect choice to fill the gap between the Textpattern backend, the database and your subversion repositories.
Textpattern didn’t have a bundle for Textpattern yet, so I decided to make one.

UPDATE.: New version 0.7 beta with 86 useful Bundle Items, that
are ready to be customized and shared at your likings.


This new version is based on an entirely new Language Grammar.
It’ll allow you to plugin your TXP installs into your TM Projects and gain access to TextMate’s Powertools.
Upgrade your TM install if necessary to latest cutting Edge, if you encounter problems.

UPDATE.: This version now is campatible for cutting-Edge version of TM up to 1311, plus a lot of new features.
A screencast for Beginners is also availlable at the above on-line documentation.

regards, marios

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28 Jun 2006
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15 Nov 2006

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Commented (1)

A new version of the Bundle (0.7beta) is now available for download.

It is recommended, you through your old Bundle away prior installing this one.

Available Here

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