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Textpattern Source Reference

So here’s the first thing that my new site will host. A full blown Textpattern reference.

I used to use WP back in the day and remembered they used to have this website that listed every function by files and you reference them and find their definition quickly.

I just spent an hour trying to find that site, and was glad to find that they had used an opensource tool. PHPXref parses through the the TXP files and generates this amazing doc to quickly find functions and defintions.

Hope people find it beneficial.

You can access it here

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01 Sep 2005
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16 Mar 2008

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I found your article of use, ideal as a first insight when used with the online demo of textpattern at

I am thinking about textpattern for clients to add news / press releases to their websites I build for them, they already use Contribute to edit static pages. I have a basic question, forgive me if it seems stupid

Does the textpattern homepage have to be the index.htm page of the site. Ideally I would wish to only add the textpattern tags where I need them in my XHTML /CSS pages. For example a news page, press releases page etc and on many sites would not want visitors to make comments back. I suppose I am really looking for something like textpattern to be able to add and control articles and their headings in my existing templates by ID tags. Any feedback would be appriciated.
You can also browse the textpattern source on the dev site and search the source code using a bookmarklet I created.
I don’t think you’d be able to accomplish exactly what you’re asking for out of the box with TXP.

TXP holds the templates, articles, and all other content for the website inside a MySQL Database. So you wouldn’t be able to get TXP to parse you html pages out of the box. I’m sure with enough hacing this might be accomplished.

The other option, which I personally think may be more viable, would be to have the site completely under TXP. You would no longer need Macromedia Contribute as everything could be managed web-based. You create “static” pages with TXP so users can’t leave comments. I could help you out some more on this if you needed it, but I really think TXP could be a viable solution for you.

That’s a great resource as well. The only difference I would like to point out would be that with the tool on my site you can actually click the functions inside the source so you can easily find its definition and other places its referenced. It’s this feature that I feel is beneficial to other TXP plugin developers. Thanks!

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