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article vs. article_custom

<txp:article /> is NOT the same as <txp:article_custom />

They cannot be interchanged. This is perhaps one of the most common confusions for Textpatterners.

<txp:article_custom /> offers many additional attributes that <txp:article /> does not.. but only <txp:article /> will produce the full single article page.. if you have only <txp:article_custom /> on a page, rather than <txp:article />, then you will never reach the permalinked article page—you’ll always get an article list page.

however, you can have the added features and functionality of <txp:article_custom />, while keeping the necessary <txp:article /> in full force by using conditionals:

<txp:if_individual_article> and <txp:if_article_list>

i like to think of it as having your cake and eating it too.

<txp:article_custom form="lofi" limit="10" category="ideas" section="article" sortby="Posted" sortdir="desc" />

<txp:article />

detailed tag information:

<txp:article />
<txp:article_custom />

Article Request Count:
Posted here:
10 Apr 2005
Article modified:
10 Apr 2005

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Commented (5)

This tuto is a must read for beginners, nice work ! Could also fit with some rewrite on :)
i think this should definitely be at TextBook.. but does it go under some sort of general category under ‘Tags’, or under ‘Semantics’ or ‘Frequently Asked Questions’...?
I think, this tutorial is most important for beginners and all comunity textpattern :)
Is there a way to make it list only the articles that are in the same section as the current article ? – I know I can do this by manually entering the section name, but I have several sections and want to use the same page presentation for each.

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