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Editing user priveleges

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24 Mar 2005
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25 Nov 2006

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Is it my understanding then, that we could extend the priveleges system to include more levels? Say, take the existing 1 through 6 and make them 3 through 8, and then add in a new 1 and 2?
How about if I want to give a chance for freelance, said so, to change its own password? since default password given automatic it’s hurt in eyes. :D but without having tab.admin (all functions)? This is according to my friends that have difficulties on the password given.

btw, does tab.admin means that he/she can do everything (all functions) on that tab?
Just through the website, and now I know how to do it. :) Thanks.
It seems like the names like editor etc have moved to include/txp_admin.php for 4.0.3. The privileges assigned seem to be in a mysql table. Not sure lib/admin_config.php still has any impact. Not sure how this changes for 4.0.4…

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