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Comments Count

To display the number of comments for an article (for use in an aritcle form), use the following tag: <txp:comments_count />.

This tag will display a number if there is at least one comment to the article. If you would like the number ‘0’ to display when there are zero comments, find /textpattern/publish/taghandlers.php

and replace (approximately line 712):

return ($thisarticle[‘comments_count’] > 0) ? $thisarticle[‘comments_count’] : ‘’;


return $thisarticle[‘comments_count’];

Article Request Count:
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03 Dec 2004
Article modified:
03 Dec 2004

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Commented (2)

This isn’t necessary anymore, this tag (comments_count) will return zero if there are no comments.

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There are also tag clouds, 'cause those are fun.
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