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Waffle Cone

Waffle Cone is a delicious template with a mint-chocolate color scheme.


Roowhaline is clean and neat template. It’s also very flexible and well-documented.


Aleksandr is a template created in the free, flexible, elegant and easy-to-use spirit of Textpattern.


Yellowmint is a template that “has nothing to do with its name”.


Fireplay is sort of a corporate style template with the option for comments. It’s not really a blog but could be used as one. The default style is dark gray but there is a style switcher to allow for the lighter version as well. In the zip I’ve also included a PSD in case you’d like to change the logo or create a new color scheme!

Off The Top Of My Head

off the top of my head is flexible with fixed positioning. You can insert icons to reflect the mood of your post.


Lenka is a simple, sleek & standards compliant blog template.

TXP Minima

TXP Minima is, as its name suggests, a minimalist template including photo and video gallery sections.

Block Rocker

Block Rocker is a design heavily influenced by the grid focus found in Transcending CSS by Andy Clarke, and the content focus of people like Garrett Dimon.


Slate is Sam Brown’s second template of Textplates ’07 and is a clean light-on-dark template.


P&T is a very clean light-on-dark template with many personalization options.

Sit Down Please

Sit down please is a blog template featuring a styleswitcher for multiple color schemes.


Flexy is customizable with lots of layout options and two themes.

Maple Leaf Forever

Maple Leaf Forever is a great, flexible three-column template with a maple leaf motif by Mark Rogers.

Terra Firma

Terra Firma is clean template by Sam Brown with earthy green and brown tones.


Grasslands was created with soft greens and simplicity in mind inspired by warm spring rains. It is a simple no-frills design that focuses on the content.


Blueprinted is a template for Textpattern designed by Natalie Jost. The look and feel of the site is based on Blueprint Magazine with it’s ample whitespace, decorative typefaces, and clean lines.

Jekyll's Lab

Jekyll’s Lab is a simple blog template featuring valid, tableless, semantic XHTML 1.0 Strict and a quaint look.

The Pink Life

The Pink Life is a colorful template by Fran García.


LightPattern is a minimalist template by Zoltán Dragon featuring a flickr stream and linkblog.


Texty was the first template submitted to Textplates ’07. The template has flexible layout, accessibility features and includes a style-switcher.

BloggingPro for Textpattern

BloggingPro was originally made for WordPress by DesignDesease for the popular BloggingPro weblog.


Template flower theme

Hello here is a template for txp in flower theme

CrystalX 1.0

CrystalX takes but a few minutes to install via a plugin.

Tranquility White

A clean and white template

Tranquility White was originally made for


Popular WP theme for TXP

MistyLook was originally made for

Red dragon

Red dragon is template for texpattern with images, style and plugin in one package.

Hartl Platin

simple Textpattern theme without images – only CSS-styled. Warm colors and an individual sidebar are typical.

Clean and Green

very simple. no additional forms, graphics, or pages to load.

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