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The Ideal Website

This is a Textpattern adaptation of The Ideal Website Wordpress theme by Oliver Reichenstein of Information Architects:

The Ideal Website is designed to fit Fibonacci’s Golden Section – otherwise known as the divine proportions. These measurements are said to be the most pleasing to the eye, and have been widely used for everything from judging beauty of a face, to the design of bank notes.

Update I’ve just released version 0.6 of this template, with the following changes:

  • Removed unused archive page
  • Search input now functions
  • Added Links form
  • Begun tidying stylesheet, abstracted colour

In version 0.7 I’ll be trying to reduce the number of forms the template uses, to make it easier to install and maintain.

Article Request Count:
Initially released:
07 Jul 2008
Posted here:
07 Jul 2008
Article modified:
13 Aug 2008

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