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Coffe'n'Cream template

My first public effort of porting free css design to Textpattern. It took me 1.5 hour (the same time to make this post) to do this – i really like Textpattern after this :)

How to install:

  1. Download the zip file:
    1. Mirror 1
    2. Mirror 2
  2. Use plugin hcg_templates to import package as written in plugin’s manual or…
    1. … manually copy-paste files’ contents into corresponding pages/forms
  3. upload default.css file to the root directory or at any other place and edit line in default page template that calls css
  4. Don’t forget to edit <meta name="description"> in the <head>

Known issues:

  • Page 404 template is from default txp template
  • Comments’ form wasn’t styled at all – used defauld txp template


  • Look for html (the inspiration) version of template
  • Example of txp’s template at the_ghost’s homesite
  • You have anything to say? Write at
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Initially released:
12 March 2008
Posted here:
12 Mar 2008
Article modified:
12 Mar 2008

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TheGhost, you are sweet! Thank you!

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