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CrystalX 1.0

The first template to be ported by TxP IDE.

CrystalX, a design by Nuvio | Webdesign

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25 Mar 2007
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22 Jul 2008

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Commented (6)

Yes, Vít Dlouhý from Nuvio is great czech designer.


Doesnt look good on internet explorer browser

too bad.


What version of IE are you running and could you be more specific as to what doesn’t look good?

I tested CrystalX in version 6 and 7 of Internet Exploder and it looked fine to me.



my internet explorer verions is 6.0.2 SP2

i capture a screen:

see in the menu there is a glitch with a white.
and the sidebar graphics are not in place.

Pardon my noobishness, but I followed everythign as follows to install this template yet the only part of my site that’s visible is the main page. Am I missing something or doing something wrong. Once again if it’s something I’ve done out of stupidity I’m sorry. :-/

Albert: I’ll contact the designer and let him know.

Jon: Have you gone into Presentation -> Sections and set Uses page and Uses style to crystalx_default?

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There are also tag clouds, 'cause those are fun.
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