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Widescreen is a gorgeous photoblog template that is the first (and only) in the Textpattern Template Competition.

A live demo can be found here

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01 Mar 2006
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01 Nov 2006

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Commented (7)

Categories don’t work. Assigning category to an article returns error on the web page(404). Even on your demo site.
Hi Mike,

You’re right, the category links are returnings 404s. Like some others, I haven’t had luck getting Rob Sable’s new unlimited categories plugin fully working on my installation and server (it’s at v.1 after all). That and the various CSS and validation bugs are some of the reasons I gave the template a version number of .8.

In the case of the categories/tags, my thought was that it’s going to be such a useful feature that I should integrate it into the template first, even if it wasn’t functioning completely. That way, people who are interested in tinkering with the template can begin tagging their photos now and have the full benefits of the plugin as soon as Rob is able to finish the next version of the plugin.
Hello Everyone—
Catagories still does not work with the plugin. Does anyone out there have a fix?
v.9 is now available, and uses a different plugin for tagging. See the Widescreen page for more information. Thanks!
Very good work, James. I installed it. But the last photo is not on the startpage. Only the archive view is the first page?! What can I do ?

A little buggy on implementation, but looks good

GReat Work James.
I made an italian version. if you want i’ll be more then glad to share it.

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There are also tag clouds, 'cause those are fun.
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