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Leaf for Textpattern

Thank you for downloading the Leaf template for Textpattern. I would like to thank Ivan Fong for letting me port his amazing template.

Leaf was originally designed for Nucleus, but it is simply too pretty to be held to a single CMS. The template has been ported specifically to the stable 4.0 release of textpattern, but it should work with other versions if needed.

The skin makes use of tooltips on links and font size changes via the top right buttons. Also, the sidebar headers (ie. “live search”?, “categories”?, etc.) can be edited using the included .psd and font files.

Also included are different versions of the header images that come in red, blue, and purple.

One addition to the port is the Live Search feature. The rss_live_search plugin is used to allow visitors to instantly see the results as they type in the field.

Another feature of this template is accomplished with another plugin — the ajw_if_comment_owner allows the owner of the site to have a unique comment style. In this case, Ivan’s original owner style is used.

The template is also valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional and valid CSS.

A preview of the template can be found here, and you can post about any questions or comments here

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03 Sep 2005
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06 Jan 2007

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E. Amasha:
The installation instruction for Textpattern 4 is not as in the folders of textpattern. There is no page-folder, or presentation, form folders. Did you install this template for TXP 4, and do you have the instruction for it?

There seems to be a problem with this template in FireFox – the white background doesn’t come through.

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There are also tag clouds, 'cause those are fun.
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