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Lime Rind

Lime Rind template by Angad Kingra

Another fine original template by Angad. This one’s a clean two-column layout in (lime)green and white.

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31 Jul 2005
Article modified:
01 Nov 2006

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Commented (10)

There are only two files in the zip, an index.html and a css style. Is that all that one needs to implement this style?

Love the design, it’s a classic. Look forward to seeing your new site.

something seems to be missing. just using the .css template doesnt seem to show up well with latest version of txp
It’s discouraging that people post stuff here (styles, etc) and then just disappear. A strong community effort is needed for a project like Texpattern to survive and grow. Doesn’t seem like we have it here.

Hi Henry,

when author’s post their own plugins, styles, etc., then they receive email notification whenever comments are posted to their entires. in the case of Lime Rind, the author did not post it themself, so they probably do not know you left a comment.

yes, this is bad. Textpattern Resources is in the active midst of a complete redesign. Authors will receive notification when you post to their pieces, whether they originally posted them or not. Hopefully comments RSS feeds will be available by then also, so that everyone will be able to conveniently keep up with entries of their interest.

Again about Lime Rind, have you tried emailing the author at their website? That information is listed above.

There’s a very strong Textpattern community, actually, mostly at home at the forum. This Textpattern Resources site also depends on all persons of the Textpattern community taking initiative to post resources and follow up on any suggestions or ideas, any time and all the time. The redesigned Textpattern Resources is geared to launch by November, and hopefully you’ll be pleased with the changes, and community activity will be more apparent too.

Thank you for caring. If you have further questions or suggestions, feel free to drop me an email.

best regards,
Hey everyone,

I’m sorry for not replying. I’ll work on something that works out of the box asap.

Thanks for replying. I’m encouraged by your description of the upcoming changes to the Textpattern Resource site. I think it could be a great resource for people that are new to TXP and really want to ‘give it a go’. I’ve visited the Forum before but it seems to be geared more toward experienced users and discussion of upcoming changes to the code. I’ll try to read more there in the future.


To Angad,
Thanks, I’ll look forward to an update on this style if you have the time to do so.

I am just about to start work on it, should be ready by the weekend.

btw, what’s the url to your website ?
I like your simple and uncluttered design. Have you consider a 3 column format?

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