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TXP Gespaa Double

txp gespaa double

So here it is then. The long-awaited TXP Gespaa Double. This has not been available in a completed form before so be one of the first to use it. The construction utilizes the faux columns technique in order to retain the border between the content and the sidebar which is part of Phu’s original intentions for the design.

All the usual suspects included. Do check for any glitches and let me know if you find any.

Article Request Count:
Initially released:
06 June 2005
Posted here:
06 Jun 2005

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Commented (3)

New txp install

I followed the installation instruction for G double closely, but there still seems to be a problem with the image files displaying…

Please help.
Hi Dru, send me an email to stuart at the bomb site dot com and I’ll see what the problem is.

I encountered a problem with Gespaa Double after I loaded it. I followed the instructions and the diagnostic was good.

The situation is documented on the TXP Forum Entry listed above.

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