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Hive Reloaded Administration Theme

The Hive_Reloaded Administration Theme based on Phil Wareham´s Hive theme.

The original theme seemed not user friendly enough, so I changed some things for me.


Hive_Reloaded Administration-Theme for Textpattern CMS

Update 26.03.2011:

Version 1.1 – adding a dropdown navigation menu for a better usability.

Bugfix – Plugin Upload

Hive_Reloaded Administration Theme for Textpattern CMS

Udate 29. 03. 2011:

Version 1.2 – adding article tabs and image for article tabs.

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Initially released:
Posted here:
21 Mar 2011
Article modified:
29 Mar 2011

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Commented (6)

Very nice, I like it a lot!
Thanks for putting this on :)

Very nice, indeed, thank you!

Javier Rios:

Beautiful! Thank you!

Davide Rolando:

Thank you, I just added the tab key management for textareas.
Let me know how I can post it.

Andreas Hecht:

Hi Davide,

Send it to me by email and I post it for you.


Very very nice. Everything about is super simple and user friendly but that just did one better and looks great!

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There are also tag clouds, 'cause those are fun.
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