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Admin Interface Restyled theme

An admin theme for Textpattern 4.2.0. This is not an original theme; I only ported it. It is based on:

Admin interface restyled
Original code: Dan Hoy (
Adaptation: milkshake (

Textpattern phw + d Theme
Philippe Wittenbergh + Dale Chapman (

Full size screenshot:

Article Request Count:
Initially released:
02 Aug 2009
Posted here:
01 Aug 2009
Article modified:
02 Aug 2009

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Commented (5)

Nice job on the port. I was recently considering porting this interface over for 4.2.0 since it has a handy new theme switcher. But, looks like you’ve already done a nice job of it.

I’m thinking this should be uploaded to Textgarden. What do you think?
(are there any known issues with this port? I haven’t found any on my local install)

Hi Dan,

The congratulations should go to you for the good job; I only did a very simple port.

AFAIK there have been no issues reported on this port, so it could go on Textgarden. There is quite a bit of redundant CSS that could be cleaned up (where it’s been through multiple iterations) but no blockers.

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the feedback. I think I’ll clean up the css and test it a bit before uploading. I’ll give credit to your port.


btw: did you come up with the name Air for that theme?

Yes, that was me; just used the acronym of your title.

That’s clever. I didn’t make the connection before but, I think it works well.

I’d like to use that name if it’s good with you.

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