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Color Picker for use with Widescreen Template by James Muspratt or any time you want a custom color associated with an article.

  • color picker javascript by Steven Wittens
  • Prior version used mootoole and mooRainbow colorpicker by Djamil Legato. At the suggestion of Jon-Michael Deldin this was replaced by a jquery version by Steven Wittens.
    To use:
    1. Install using textpattern’s plugin tab.
    2. Activate the plugin
      By default this plugin adds a colorwheel to the custom-2 field in the write tab. You can change which custom field is used in the options tab.

Thank you to James Muspratt for his wonderful Widescreen Template, Steven Wittens for the farbtastic color picker and to Jon-Michael Deldin for his suggestions.

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Posted here:
01 Apr 2008
Article modified:
24 Apr 2009

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There are also tag clouds, 'cause those are fun.
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