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download here: lam_image_uploader v0.6c

Allows you to upload images via the Write tab. Based on stm_image_uploader but with a few improvements including:

  • automatically appending image id to article
  • or: show a text link to manually attach id to article
  • or: show a text link to manually append multiple ids to article
  • ability to display thumbnail (important: in order for thumbnail to show up you need to have specified a size for thumbnails in image tab)
  • assign image category on upload
  • assign caption on upload
  • move the upload form to the left sidebar instead of below the excerpt(important: your thumbnails will be resized by the browser to a width of 150px. this is ugly but currently a temporary solution so as to not wreck your write screen if your thumbnail sizes are relatively large)
  • installable/removable preferences for all of the above

the alt input field stays because you need that to validate anyway.


0.6c – spoke too soon. jquery solution fails in every browser except Firefox. great!
0.6b – got rid of some homebrew functions and now relies on more reliant cross-browser library jquery. improved some minor styling issues as well
0.6 – changed caption input to textarea (thanks mrdale)
0.5b – whoops went a little too far with the lang file which caused some installation on non-EN installations
0.5 – utilize txp lang file
0.4 – added ability to move upload form to left sidebar
0.3 – fixed a silly typo causing “Attach Article Image” link not to work.
0.2 – added “Append Article Image” ability (ala upm_img_popper) to allow for multiple article image id insertion (must upload an image each time though of course)
0.1 – initial release


preferences (admin -> extensions -> lam_image_uploader)


Once plugin is installed, head over to admin -> extensions and install the preferences first. They will be stored in your database. You can also remove the preferences at any time by returning to the same page. Then feel free to play around with the settings.


  • Styling could definitely still be improved upon. If anyone wants to toy around with it, by all means. at the moment, everything just sorta sits on top of each other.


Stanislav Müller for the original stm_image_uploader plugin.
original thread for stm_image_uploader
mary and bastian for unknowingly allowing me to peek at their various plugins to see how plugin preferences were installed/uninstalled via the backend.


  • FF, Safari 3.04 beta, Opera 9.24, IE6, IE7
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27 Dec 2007
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17 May 2009

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Commented (5)

sorry folks..plugin download should be working again.


have you considered the possibility of multiple image uploads..? that would be great!

thanks for your work so far!

yah that could be possible using mem_multifile_upload.


Is it possible to add the function of automatic resizing at upload?

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