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Search and replace. Pretty basic functionality. Allows you to search and replace any occurrence of text in your articles (title, body, excerpt areas)

More information here

This plugin probably isn’t helpful to those well versed in sql. I’m also quite positive the way its written is far from efficient but from my own testing it seems to work just fine.

Warning – Since this plugin plays with your database I wouldn’t run this on a fully live, article-filled site yet just in case some bugs aren’t ironed out. But please feel free to test on a test site to see if it works for you. I’d also appreciate it if any security-minded folk would walk through the code and point out any holes as this was really a hack and slash job in general and since it affects the database and all..

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Archived [?]: archived *no longer working*

Initially released:
Dec 2/2007
Posted here:
06 Apr 2008
Article modified:
08 Apr 2010

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