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NOTE: v0.4 is for TXP v4.0.6 and upward ONLY

Handle remote files on file sharing web sites such as from within TextPattern’s Files tab. Insanely useful for offering media downloads that would otherwise consume a lot of your own server’s bandwidth.

Adds a single Upload URL field to the Files tab. From then on you can treat your remote URL as if it was in TXP; give it a description, category, status, etc. The download counters work for remote files too.

You can use file_download_list and the standard ‘files’ form to generate lists of downloads; both local and remote. If you upload the same file to more than one remote host, you can associate them with the same local file automatically. Without any mods to the core, file_download_link will then load-balance and randomly choose one of these files from the web each time a visitor downloads the file.

For finer (non-random) control over which download to choose, use tag smd_file_download_link as a direct replacement for the standard file_download_link. Adds smd_file_download_name as a direct replacement for file_download_name if you wish.

Also adds smd_file_download_image to help with assigning a related image to a download.

Many, many thanks to Ruud van Melick who put me on the right track towards creating this plugin. Genius.

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12th Nov 2007
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12 Nov 2007
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11 Apr 2009

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Commented (2)

Please add a list of supperted storage platforms if available.

There are probably too many to mention! But any storage site that can supply you a direct-linked URL to your files will do :-)

As a starter, try this list.

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