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This plugin allows one to set the Content-Type header for any Txp page. This allows you to (for example) serve up a valid RSS feed from a standard page template.

Information page:

Credit where it’s due:

The code for this was gleaned from a post Sencer contributed to in the Txp forum. So, just for clarity: I did some minor tweaks to his code and made it available. Enjoy.

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July 20, 2007
Posted here:
10 Aug 2007

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Tks lot, Mike!
Seems to be a good solution for this tutorial : custom rss feeds


Thanks for this, I’ve created a useful georss feed based on your plugin (before I found the link to Isaac Bowen’s page!).

I am not passing the full article body or excerpt with the feed but using the same Custom fields to produce a snippet of text and image in the overlay markers that are used either in Google Maps or others. Also, I’ve limited the feed to those posts containing geo-info only.

A very useful plugin and clear information page you have – Cheers :)

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