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Designed primarily to make use of the ‘/section/title’ permanent links mode which is usually not available when Textpattern is installed on IIS. It requires the use of ISAPI_rewrite. It has no relevance to the majority of eminently sensible Textpattern users who use Apache servers.

The result is very clean looking urls which are also search engine friendly.

v0.1.1 change log (21st May 2007)

Logic of rewrite rules improved.

Article Request Count:
Initially released:
2nd May 2007
Posted here:
02 May 2007
Article modified:
21 May 2007

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It seems that this plugin is not well compilated :the first lines contain error messages and local patchs of the author’s computer.
Althought, this is a very usefull tools!
Tks lot.

Hi Pat, sorry to hear you have had problems. I wonder if this is because I’ve linked to a zip archive rather than the plugin text file?

I’ve changed the link so it points directly at the text file now. I’ve also tried installing it and found no problems with the compilation.

Please let me know if this doesn’t solve the problem.


I’ve make an error, it’s concern your previous plugin “tame_enduser_docs”.
I’ve installed this plugin by remouving the messages.
Tks lot.


Hi Mike, kinda glad you were forced to work with IIS, turned out to be in my benefit.

I’ve installed the plugin (as well as installed ISAPI_Rewrite Lite) for one site that is using Textpattern. Problem is that when I click on the link, the page shows me the homepage with the first five articles (like normal). Any idea why it might be doing this instead of serving the article?

Thanks for sharing the plugin and any assistance.


Glad you have been able to make use of this extension.

Re your problem
Have you checked the url of the link you are clicking on? In order to link to a particular article it needs to be in the format /section/title/ or

Have you set the permanent link mode in preferences to /section/title/ ?

I have updated the rewrite rules, but I am not sure that these changes will help with your problem. Still, is is probably worthwhile updaing your http.ini file to reflect the latest version.

Let me know if you are still having problems



Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, thanks for the reply.

The permanent link mode was set correctly to /section/title. I think the problem might be with the installation of ISAPI_Rewrite, I’ve only installed the Lite version (so maybe I’ll try installing a fully licensed version).

Thanks for the help though, I’ll get back to you if the problem persists.


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