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This plugin will help you to work with versions of the articles. You can store old versions and you can see the differences between versions.


1. download plugin code
2. insert this plugin code in your admin of CMS Textpattern



version 0.6 – new versions are stored and you can change it only from write tab

veransion 0.5 – there was a small bug, sometimes TXP “forgot” to use my register_callback and the button “Save as new version” did not work. It was fixed in version 0.6.

You can find the last version of this plugin on my site:

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12 Apr 2007
Article modified:
30 Aug 2008

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Commented (17)

The plugin code looks corrupted. I wasn’t able to install this plugin.

You can download the plugin code in the zip file from my sites.


Excellent work! I noticed a typo on the versions detail page. should be “replace” and not “replate”.

Also, it would be more accurate on the same page to say, “edit” rather than “view”.

Also, Also :)
This would be killer, if ithad the ability to perform a diff and visually display differences between versions. I have used a similar implementation on drupal with much success. But inide of TXP would be great.

Thank you for your comment. The mistakes in the interpretation were corrected.

I am not able to display differences between the versions now. But I will think about it.


After installing md_versions, I get an error while in the content > write tab:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /home/bronwyn/public_html/prometheadotinfo/exalted/textpattern/lib/txplib_misc.php(512) : eval()‘d code on line 24
The above errors were caused by the plugin:md_versions

There is no extensions tab visible, and the text size was increased on some pages but not others.

I too would like the ability to highlight differences between versions, as many wikis do.

This plugin add new tab under tab: “extension”. You have to enable it or you can add the new tab under another standart tab. But you have to change begin of the plugin code here:

if (@txpinterface == ‘admin’) { include_once(‘plugins/md_versions.class.php’); include_once(‘plugins/md_versions_view.class.php’);

register_tab(“extensions”, “md_versions”, gTxt(‘tab_md_versions’));

change the extensions to anything else.


In TXP 4.0.6I get this error after clicking Save as New Version

Warning: md_versions_view::include_once(lib\classTextile.php) [md-versions-view.include-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory…
….. in /textpattern/lib/txplib_misc.php(534) : eval()‘d code on line 1156

Wow! Great plugin, thanks. You can fix the error mentioned above by replacing two includes in the source code. To fix, find all lines with classTextile.php… The follwing should work for everyone:

include_once txpath.’/lib/classTextile.php’;

All bugs were fixed. New version 0.81 is able visually display differences between versions. You should try it.

Chris Earle:

for 4.0.6 users, you might see a Restricted Area after installing 0.81 of this plugin:

you will also need to add an update to the plugin code adding the “…privs” line to this chunk:

if (@txpinterface == ‘admin’) {

add_privs(‘md_versions’, ‘1’);

register_tab(“extensions”, “md_versions”, gTxt(‘tab_md_versions’));


Just wondering if this plugin is still available to download somewhere. Thanks!


Seems broken for txp 4.5.1. Won’t allow a version to be added. I get this dialog: “Sorry, the form could not be submitted. Please try again later.”

Martin Dostal:

This plugin is 5 years old. It was updated 4 years ago, so current versions of textpattern were not tested.


I get the same problem as publiclee, (Sorry, the form could not be submitted. Please try again later.) on TXP v4.5.2. Can you fix Martin? Would be pretty awesome to have this on newer versions on TXP

Martin Dostal:

Sorry, I am very busy right now. This plugin needs complete refactoring and I am not able to do it at this time.

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