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This plugin add the option to the write tab for expiration of the article.

If the expiration is active, the status of the article is changed to: Hidden.


1. download plugin code

2. put it into your Txp admin

3. done

This plugin is finished, but I will work on it. Help me to try it, please.
The last version of this plugin is on my site.


version 0.7 – everything is in the main plugin code. Just put it into the field “add plugin” in your Txp admin.

version 0.6 – the list of the “expirations” in the extensions tam was extended

You can find last version and more other plugins on my site: Martanek – CMS Textpattern

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12 Apr 2007
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18 Jun 2009

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Install doesn’t work with Safari nor Firefox (Mac OS X). Plugin-code for TXP requires to be changed after install:

if (@txpinterface == ‘admin’) { include_once(‘plugins/md_expirations.class.php’); include_once(‘plugins/md_expirations_view.class.php’);

must be

if (@txpinterface == ‘admin’) { include_once(’../md_expirations.class.php’); include_once(’../md_expirations_view.class.php’);

When the bugs are removed I’d really like to use this plug-in. Keep on trying!

It’s just work as I expected, really great. Now I dont need to deactivate each articles manually.

All bugs were fixed. Everything is in the main plugin code.

You need JS for this plugin.

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