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Nico Feragnoli
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nfe_if_category is a conditional tag that works complementary to the built-in if_category tag.
The tag outputs inclosed content if the loaded page belongs to a specified category or any of its children. This allows you to define ‘parent’ categories able to work as ‘sections’ work right now.

The tag accepts 2 attributes: parent and exclude. exclude accepts a comma-separated list of categories not to include in the list of children. If set to the same as parent it will select only the children.

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24 Mar 2007
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25 Jul 2007

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Commented (3)

Small correction

if ($name) $out[] = strtolower( $name );
$current_cat = strtolower( $c );


@ JoNy202

thank you, I updated the download.

Seems to be a good plugin, but the file’s lost…

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There are also tag clouds, 'cause those are fun.
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