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wet_quicklink: A simple point and click method of building site internal links

wet_quicklink extends the back end by adding a simple point and click method of building site internal links.

Link target candidate articles can be chosen by a wide variety of methods, ranging from sorting by post date or their assigned section, to a live content search inside the articles’ body or title.

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24 Feb 2007
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18 Nov 2009

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I couldn’t make it work … after installing it, I can’t see the link in the left column and i get an error in my javascript debug console : “
$ is not defined
[Break on this error] target : $(”#body”)[0], // insert links into article body unless focus changes

any clue?


Thanks for the advice.
The problem was another anyway: a tiny_mce plugin bug was avoiding jquery instance definition in the page.

Beautiful plugin. Well done!

One request: make link-window close on link insert?

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