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This plugin has been remade by the amazing Manfre. Get it here.

– Ben


Postmaster [PM] is a simple to use mailing list manager that integrates easily into your Textpattern [TXP] admin and public site.

It offers:

  • Simple subscriber and list management through the TXP > ADMIN
  • Unlimited lists (customizable forms and administrative information)
  • Unlimited subscribers

    • Option to mail HTML emails that degrade gracefully to text versions
    • Bulk subscription using the TXP >CONTENT >FILES upload capability
    • Integration with Zem_Contact_Reborn (ZCR) — providing the most robust subscription form available
  • A custom tag providing easy unsubscription for your users — allowing you to fully customize your goodbye page
  • Send a test mail or mail to a list directly from the TXP > WRITE tab
  • Bulk email capability
  • Custom tags to use in email templates (TXP > PRESENTATION > FORMS)

PM has been tested on 4.0.5 and 4.0.6.

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01 Feb 2007
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05 Oct 2009

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Commented (1)

Everything is good, this plugin works great, but…

Author, please change the color design of note-messages like “Added subscriber”, “Mail sent successfully” and others “good messages”. At the moment they are red and looks like the error alerts…

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There are also tag clouds, 'cause those are fun.
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