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gbp_permanent_links will let you create custom permlink and pagelink url rules to will automatically be used by Textpattern to link to articles and archive pages. No changes to your page or form templates are required as the plugin is able to rewrite urls for all existing internal Textpattern tags and probably/hopefully all the urls generated by most other plugins.

I’ve tried to design the plugin to be much simpler than it’s predecessor gbp_faux_static but yet to remain flexible. It offers some advance options and improvements over textpattern’s internal permlink support. While the documentation isn’t yet complete it should hopefully be relatively straight forward to use. I will try to build up the documentation over the coming weeks.

gbp_permanent_links screenshot

Both gbp_admin_library and gbp_permanent_links are required.

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07 Nov 2006
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21 Feb 2011

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My Name:

version needs to be updated… to bad this site is not kept up to date, it makes it half as useful as it could be

Graeme Porteous:

This is upto date. Although if you would like to try the latest cutting edge, development version you can find links to it in the forum.

Just wanted to make you aware that there is a problem with your plugin and pap_contact_cleaner. View the thread..


The plugin gives malformed or bad plugin when I try to upload. Is it possible to provide a compressed version?

Hmm… it would be super if this could work with rss_unlimited_categories as well.


@Sarah @Graeme

Yes, would be lovely if it would play nice with rss_unlimited_categories.


Permlinks created by this plugin doesn`t normal work in TxP 4.0.8.

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There are also tag clouds, 'cause those are fun.
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