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This plugin adds support for GoogieSpell for spell checking the article’s body.

The code is inspired by ako_spellCheker.

What does it do?

The plugin adds a “Check Spelling” link on top of the body’s textarea. The behaviour is similar with the one from Gmail.

Installation instruction

The plugin needs a working GoogieSpell instalation. Instruction on how to that can be found here. The variable $rzm_googieSpellConfig['path'] needs to be changed to indicate the path to the GoogieSpell instalation and rzm_googieSpellConfig['proxy'] needs to be changed to indicate the path to a proxy server.

Article Request Count:
Initially released:
22 Oct 2006
Posted here:
22 Oct 2006
Article modified:
29 Nov 2006

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I am trying to use this plugin and I have the following problem:

GoogieSpell needs 4 lines inserted in the header of the administration write-new-article page to reference 3 javascripts and a CSS for spell checking and it does not seem to work. It adds the lines right down near the end of the page.

am I meant to hack the install to add these lines or is the plugin slightly broken as they are not inserted into the header section?
Any help would be appreciated.

You are right! The last of the 4 lines, the one responsible for including the CSS, is not really allowed by the standard. It does work in the browsers I tested so far though (Safari+Camino in MacOS, IE7 in Windows and Mozilla in Linux). I’ll try to fix the problem using some Javascript code. I’ll update this page and send you an email when I have a solution. :-)

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