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In “Hide in admin” tab specify which fields you do or do not want to see and for which user levels.

It gives you control over what you want certain user levels see in the Write, Organise tab and the “inner” part of the Image tab. It also gives you option to have “Textile Help”, “Advanced Options” and “Recent Articles” in the Write tab be opened by default.

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12 Aug 2006
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29 Apr 2011

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I was having problems getting ied_hide_admin to work and Yura explained to me that the dom requires atleast one article category to be defined for the js to work.

FYI, should anyone else experience a problem.


the plugin doesn’t really work.
“Write: status” seems to be the only setting to be respected – strange.


Download link goes to blank page..

Download link seems to work at this moment.

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There are also tag clouds, 'cause those are fun.
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