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wet_recent_comments is a Textpattern plugin which lists recent comments, both per article and site wide.

It is a single tag which lists a limited amount of the most recent comments, optionally including the comment message. It is context sensitive: When wet_recent_comments is used in a page template, comments are taken from all articles, while in an article form comments are specifically chosen from the ones concerning the current article.

Options include:

  • Limit word count in comment message
  • Strip HTML from comment message
  • Plus the common attributes wraptag, break, class, and labeltag

wet_recent_comments is based on rei_recent_comments, a plugin by Reinier Ladan.

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09 Aug 2006

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Hi, is it normal, that all recent comments show up on all pages EXCEPT the single article page…where only the articles from THIS CURRENT article show up?

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There are also tag clouds, 'cause those are fun.
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