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bit_rss outputs feed items as TxP articles so you can use article forms to control the output of this plugin.
It can accept a comma-delimited list of feed URLs. All feed items from all of the selected feeds will be output as one list of items and sorted in proper order accdg. to the posted date of each item. (v0.3 has not yet put into account mixing feeds with item dates and those without so be careful with that.)

bit_rss v0.4 uses SimplePie 1.0 b3.2 which includes support for IDN.
(The IDN class has been appended to the simplepie include file.)

This plugin began as a modified version of tcm_rss by Tom McWright.

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14 Jun 2006
Article modified:
12 Mar 2007

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Commented (8)

Great plugin. I’m using it to aggregate some of the recents posts from my bloggy site onto my “official” webhome. Works without a flaw!

Works on 4.0.4 as well.
(tested locally)


The file seems to be at just now.

Sorry. The download link is now fixed. You can get the newest version here.

the articles are showing the title of the website instead of the title of the article. :s


This plug in no longer works with the more recent version of PHP :(

See other plugin aks_rss
This plugin based on bit_rss.

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