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SED Comment Pack

Latest version: v0.6

The latest version is not only TxP 4.0.4 compatible, but it adds a couple of new tags to track comments that have been left since your visitor’s last looked at your site.

IMPORTANT FIX: v0.4 Caches SQL query results to reduce DB hits. This could be very important if you are using the comment pack for pages with a lot of comments. Previous versions were making unnecessary sql queries with poor performance implications.

If you are already using the comment pack, upgrade to the latest version

Brings together a set of tags to help you handle comment display on your site.

  • Checking for author comments vs the TXP table of users.
    Useful for sites with multiple contributing authors.
  • Includes a tag to pull out a suitable list of classes to apply to a comment. This can simplify your comments and comment_preview forms by moving conditional testing into the tag itself.

You can try it out on either of these two pages, (just follow the on-page instructions)...


Plenty of inspiration from Andrew’s comment plugins over at Compooter

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May 2006
Posted here:
16 May 2006
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16 Nov 2007

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There are also tag clouds, 'cause those are fun.
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