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Updated to 0.9.7

Fixed a bug where movies were improperly detected when doubled up. You still cannot embed two movies in a single page using JS.

Updated to 0.9.6

Fixed a bug where if you are using the table_prefix option in the configuration file, the poster movie would not work if you were specifying an Image ID as the poster movie reference.

(Thanks Stephen Carr)

Updated to 0.9.5

Added support for using a postermovie that is either an image (in images tab) or a file (in files tab) (image that you click to have movie start loading). Note: does not work in safari if you’re not using the javascript embed.

If you update to this, you’ll need the new javascript file found here.

Updated to 0.9

I added support for the following movie attributes: kioskmode & loop

Updated to 0.8

I added support for the following movie attributes: bgcolor, pan, tilt, node, field of view, and moviename. (Mostly QTVR stuff)

Updated to 0.7.

I changed the name. You will need to re-upload/re-install the support file.

Updated to 0.6.

I fixed the plugin so that quicktime can properly load the movies if you specify a file number from the “files” tab. I also made sure that the javascript embed code now validates properly.

from v0.5 update:
Javascript embed works to get around the Eolas thing now but the instructions have increased in size because it’s a little on the complicated side. Read the help!

An updated version .4.2 (don’t ask what happened to .3) of a plugin to handle quicktime content. You really need too be able to show those H264 movies! I got to the usage as well…..kinda. This will increment quickly.

Autoplay works correctly now and I put a new NOTE in the help section that explains what’s going on with use a file number as the embed.

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17 Sep 2006
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23 May 2007

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Commented (6)

Thanks for this Plugin! I just try to setup my site with textpattern and searched for such a Quicktime-integration. I have two problems:
1. Pointing at a QT-File with video=”#ID” doesn’t work, QT shows a questionmark at the film-position after a few seconds. The generated path (.../file_download/#ID) is OK but maybe QT needs a filename with ending here? I don’t know. The generated path is OK and makes Safari or Firefox loading the movie! When I give both the direkt path to the file (.../files/, both play it in the window. There seem to be a difference between both ways to adress the file. Right now I have to use the dirkt adressing.
2. The generated code seems to miss AUTOPLAY=”state” inside the EMBED-Tag. It is set inside the OBJECT-Tag, but not inside the EMBED-Tag. So all Movies start automatically in Safari.
(Textpattern 4.0.3, walk_qt 0.4.1, Quicktime 7.0.3, Safari 2.0.3, Firefox

For everyone’s info…..Wolfgang’s comment above was loooooong ago made irrelevant.

Does this plugin allow playing h264 movies?

Hey Andrew, of course it does. My plugin is made to help you better manage quicktime movies (and their postermovies) using textpattern.

If you use the H264 codec to encode the movie, new versions of quicktime will play it. The codec used to encode a movie does not matter when using this plugin.

One thing I noticed today, when I was updating the docs for the plugin I stated that the custom_field name that it uses for a poster movie is “poster”.

That is incorrect.

It uses “postermovie” by default.

hey andy, i checked it out today and yes, it does allow playing h264 movies… good luck!

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