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I’ve needed a way to import some images into Textpattern, especially when adding more than one image the textpattern admin interface is not the best. So i found a plugin called aba_import_image, but i ran in some problems regarding double imports, and it really wasn’t so nice to use, meaning it had no interface at all. So i took it apart, reassembled it, added some stuff, and here we go.

Behold fpx_image_import.txt. This plugin does the same as aba_import_image, but you can select which files you want to import, and the imported files are not deleted anymore since this isn’t necessary. The list of files and folders is displayed below the image list in the textpattern admin interface. By selecting the “import” checkbox you can select which one you want to import. Please note that the plugin does not check (and in fact is completely unable to) if an image was already imported, so be careful when importing. If you select a folder, all the files in the folder are imported to a category with the name of the folder. If this category does not exist, it will be created.

I also added a preferences page for the settings which control the import of the images, the creation of the thumbnails, and so on. You can find the preference page in a new tab called “image import” under the “extensions” tab. This solution isn’t optimal, since you don’t see the settings when importing and can’t change them on the same page, but the inner workings of textpattern and its plugins prevented a better solution.

This plugin is based on the aba_import_image plugin which itself is based on the nhn_image_import plugin.

Please note that this is just a quick hack, i only added the display and selection of files and folders under the image tab, and the preferences. The complete image import and thumbnail creation is as it was in aba_import_image. So i hope everything there works
ok :-)

I’ve tested this plugin with Textpattern 4.0.3 and 4.0.2, and it worked for me.


0.3 Initial public release
0.4 Added missing add_privs to add admin side tab under Textpattern 4.0.6

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20 Apr 2006
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16 Mar 2008

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Commented (10)

Couldn’t get this to work. Using 4.0.3 and failed to parse.
Finally! That plugin saved my a**... Great job! Although I had to turn of glx_admin_image to get It to work :) doesn’t matter.. This ones better ;)

Well done! I had to fiddle about turning stuff on and off, but this is great, we take 1000’s of photos every week at clubs and this has just given us back our lives. cheers mate.

By-the-way, I edited rss_thumpop to include a direct link to pop image and PayPal, but I don’t know how to create a PlugIn. Can someone help, so that I can give something back ;{)

I’m using TCP 4.0.4. Importing works perfect. And I’ve found it quite useful for me and for the website.

BUT...the tab at the extensions panel didn’t apear :(.

Thanks for a great plugin – all works fine on 4.0.5 – except the extraction of meta-data (exif or iptc) – and exif is supported in my version of PHP. Anyone else having this problem .. or suggest a fix?


The plugin is great and works fine for me. But I have a suggestion, it’d be greater to add the capability to upload a thumbnail automatically. I try to explain. For example, if you have an images file called myphoto.jpg and another one called myphotot.jpg, the second one will be the thumbnail of the first one. Do you know what I mean?

I think I’m going to work with this modification and If I get something I’ll send you the file.Ok?

Ok, forget the last comment I did. This is a feature alredy implemented. The image thumb-image.jpg will be the thumbnail of image.jpg.

I’m getting just an warning trying to delete the thumbnail image of the import folder.

Great job!

It would be nice to have the chance of select the image category for all the imported images, wouldn’t it?

Fran, if you import a complete folder, all the images from this folder will go in a category named after the folder. So this is also already in it.


Veru useful plugin.

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