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Create new plugins right in the admin interface and edit any plugin data; List and edit files in plugin_cache_dir; Publish your plugins; Export plugins from database to .php and back.


  • Create new plugins right in the admin interface
  • Edit any plugin data
  • List and edit files in plugin_cache_dir
  • Publish plugins by saving .txt file or copying code for distribution
  • Export plugin from database to .php file
  • Import plugin from .php file into database
  • TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor support for help editing area (availability is recognized automatically)

Adopted by Stef Dawson

An update to the amazing ied_plugin_composer plugin from Yura Linnyk. Now uses the standard plugin template (plus some neat CSS mods by net-carver), supports Textiled help, Library plugins, compressed plugins and a few other niceties.

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Initially released:
25 Feb 2006
Posted here:
17 Mar 2006
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23 Nov 2010

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Commented (4)

Awesome plug-in thanks for this!

Any chance to upgrade this to allow the integration of $plugin[‘textpack’] in the meta part of the plugin?

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