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this plugin deals with cookies the Textpattern way. It is works almost in the same way that chs_if_urlvar works for GET variables, barring some differences related to the way cookies are used.

It allows you to write cookie values on the page, condition parts of the page based on cookie value or existance, and it allows you to create new cookies, all using Textpattern markup.

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Febuary 6, 2006
Posted here:
07 Feb 2006
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29 Apr 2011

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Joe Lapp:
Fantastic plugin, thank you!

I had to add support for txp:else, though. It was easy enough: for the case where the condition is met parse(EvalElse($thing,true)) and for the case where the condition is not met parse(EvalElse($thing,false)).

Does anyone have a copy of this plug in?

The download link is no longer working

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