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This plugin is heavily based on the live comment hack described by Jon Hicks using code by Stuart Langridge and Jeff Minard. It automatically creates a new form called hn_livecommentpreview where you can change the appearance of the live preview.

Available tags:

<txp:nhn_lcp_author />

The name of the author whose comment is previewed.

<txp:nhn_lcp_preview />

The live comment preview itself.

<txp:nhn_lcp_date />

The date, using the standard comments dateformat

Things to do

<txp:nhn_livecommentpreview_js />

Place this tag in the head of your website. It contains the javascript used for the live preview.

<txp:nhn_livecommentpreview />

Place this tag in the form comment_form. It marks the spot where the live preview will be placed.

<txp:nhn_comments_form />

Replace <txp:comments_form /> in comments_display under “presentation” > “forms” with <txp:nhn_comments_form />

Optional things

<txp:nhn_comment_submit />

If you don’t like to use the standard comment preview, you can skip it by deleting <txp:comment_preview /> and <txp:comment_submit /> and replacing it with <txp:nhn_commit_submit />. <txp:nhn_comment_submit /> requires <txp:nhn_comment_spamsave />.
<txp:nhn_comment_spamsave />

This is a very basic spam checker when using <txp:nhn_comment_submit />. It inserts a checkbox that has to be checked before the comment can be submitted. This tag has to be placed inside the comment_form.

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Archived [?]: orphaned; broken links

Initially released:
Posted here:
02 Nov 2005
Article modified:
10 Feb 2008

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Commented (6)

Little typo in the text:
Place this tag in the head of your website. It contains the javascript used for the live preview.
Thanks Alex, fixed it :-)
Here is czech translation for this plugin:

Hey, where’s it gone? :(

Ditto on that one – this puppy is 404.

This plugin has some sort of a new version made by separate Textpattern community member. More info can be found from here.

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